SIPA inquiry kicks off

The Commission of Inquiry into the reform program of the SI Ports Authority has begun its work, in office facilities at the Paul Tovua Building, National Parliament.

Documentary evidence of interest to the inquiry has been requisitioned from those concerned. In coming weeks the Commission will be interviewing and taking oral evidence from persons that it considers are likely to be able to assist in its inquiries.

The proceedings of the Inquiry will not be open to the public, but if any member of the public has information that she or he believes may be relevant to the Inquiry, they are invited to contact the Secretary at the address below, so that arrangements can be made for the information to be provided to the Inquiry.

Separate but related investigations are being made by the RSI Police and by external auditors commissioned by SIPA itself. The Commission of Inquiry will maintain contact with both investigations to facilitate sharing of information.


Solomon Star, Published: 28 June 2016

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