New International Wharf Opens Next Week

The SBD$190 million new Solomon Island Ports Authority (SIPA) international wharf will be officially open next week, Wednesday 10th August 2016.

The two years project was constructed by Kitano Construction Joint Venture and Toa Cooperation facilitated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and implemented by the Ports Authority.Ground breaking to formalise and mark the commencement of the project between the government of Solomon Islands and Japan was made early last year despite the actual work on the project which started since October 2014.

The international seaport covers 150 meter long and 180 meter depth that can cater for large cargo and cruise ship.

The New international dock when operates will ease the congestion of calling ships, improve the strength of trade in the country, expand container yard, increase the stacking capacity of containers and enable them to handle volume efficiently.

Also it will be enough to facilitate the congestion of calling ships and significantly reduce a berth waiting time of ships to almost zero. There is no doubt that the project will boost Honiara as one of the busy hubs in the region and will contribute to activate the economy of Solomon Islands.


Solomon Fresh-Beat Online, Published: 3 August 2016

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