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Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision takes a long term view and concentrates in the future. It serves as a source of inspiration and rallying point for both management and employees of Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA). As such, our vision stipulates:

To become the HUB PORT of the South Pacific

In other words, SIPA's vision is to develop and promote Solomon Islands to become the premier hub for port and maritime activities in the South Pacific as well as safeguarding the strategic maritime interests of Solomon Islands.


Our mission statement seeks to describe our existence and the strategies implemented to achieve our vision. In this regard, the proposed mission of SIPA is to be the port operator of choice in the South Pacific by providing world-class services in logistics, shipping and port management. In order for this mission to be fulfilled, SIPA has to provide efficient and effective maritime services in the South Pacific through improved, speedy, and high quality service offering.


Our core values drive our culture and priorities, and provide a framework in which decisions are made at all levels of the port authority.It should reflect the proud maritime heritage and progressive work ethos of Solomon Islanders. As such, the proposed basic tenets of SIPA's core values are:

  1. Committed to excellence. We set new standards by continuously improving results and innovating in every aspect of our business.
  2. Dedicated to customers. We listen to our customers and provide the services needed for customer's fast turnaround.
  3. Focused on people. We provide equal opportunity to foster a harmonious working environment for our people to excel and serve our clients effectively.
  4. Integration with our neighbours and global ports. We provide a seamless and integrated supply chain link with our neighbours and global ports for our customers.


The Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) was established on 4th June 1956 as a statutory corporation by an Act of Parliament.

The Act establishing SIPA was last updated in 1996 where SIPA is now a wholly-owned Solomon Islands government authority and is subjected to the State Owned Enterprises Act of 2007. SIPA reports to the Minister of Infrastructure Development and is responsible for the operation of the ports of Honiara and Noro.

Its mandate and operation is subjected to the State Owned Enterprise Act of 2007. Under the provisions of the SOE Act, SIPA is charged with the following duty:

  • Provide, maintain and improve in the declared ports such facilities as appears best calculated to serve the public interest
  • Maintain, improve and regulate the use of the declared ports to such extent as appears expedient in the public interest
  • Provide for the declared ports the approaches thereto and the territorial waters of The Solomon Islands such pilotage services and aids as appears best calculated to serve the public interest.

Corporate Management

Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) has a Board comprising of five board of director members. The Board is required to meet at a minimum of four times per annum or as per special requirement. The term of appointment for directors is three years or less and individuals must not serve more than six continuous years as a board member. The Board is responsible for issuing directives and appointing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The day-to-day business activities, decision making and implementation of long and short term plans lie solely on the CEO. Five SIPA directors head the five sections/departments within SIPA. The five sections/departments are: Finance, Operations, Harbours, Engineering, and Corporate Services. Each Director acts as a liaison between several managers and the CEO.

Figure 2: The following is the institutional reporting framework of SIPA

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